Dancing Lifts the Spirits
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Summer is here in full swing.  That won't keep us from dancing though.

Our Anniversary Ball was a delightful evening.  Everyone looked so nice all gussied up.  Not to mention, the food was yummy and the decorations lovely.

I wasn't there for our Disco Prom Dance, but I heard it was a fun time as well.

Just a reminder that we will be starting our summer schedule where we will have only one dance a month in July, August and September.  They will be on the third Saturday of the month and will also be birthday dances.

July 15th we're having an Hawaiian Luau complete with all the tropical decorations.  You're invited to wear your favorite tropical outfit.  Bill Dimmit will be our DJ and teaching the lesson.

In closing, I'd like to mention a few things to make sure our dances are fun and safe for everyone.  If you're sitting in the chairs bordering the floor, please push them in when you get up to dance.  They can pose quite a tripping hazard. If you're a beginner or non-traveling dancer, stay in the center of the floor so those that do travel can go around you on the outside.  Lastly, try to go light on perfume or colognes.  Some of our dancers are quite sensitive/allergic to them.  

Don't let this hot weather keep you from heading for the dance floor.  I'm looking forward to joining you there.  In the meantime, remember

Dancing Lifts the Spirit
~Debbie Piotte