Dancing Lifts the Spirits
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President's Corner

Spring is in the air. The Robins - although not "rockin'" - have already come and gone
from our yard. Heading north they are - just like our dancing snowbirds will be doing soon.
I wish all of you a safe trip and look forward to your return.
Once again, the dance floor was a "sea of red" at our annual Lady in Red dance. Many
thanks to all of you who brought such delightful desserts. Lots of smiling faces and great music made it a great evening. There's sure to be more nights like this to come as we have some great special events planned this year. Besides our Birthday Dances, on March 18th, we have another colorful event to celebrate St. Patrick's Day - wear green or gold. Then on April 15th, it's our bi-annual country dance. This is always a laid-back, toe-tappin' night and sure
to help you over any "tax day" woes you may have. In May, we head back to Paris for a visit to the
Moulin Rouge. Anyone willing to do the Can-Can for us? Just kidding - I know if I tried to, it would be
a disaster just waiting to happen. This July, plan on a day (I mean evening) at the beach - complete
with root beer floats. There's still more special events on the drawing board and I will be sure to tell
you all about them when the time comes.
Now for something different. On April 18th, your Board of Directors will be conducting a quarterly
meeting. If you have anything you would like us to discuss, drop us an email at
spiritofcitrus@gmail.com or just see me at the sign-in desk.