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Here we are starting a new year of dancing together and I canít wait to see what kind of fun we have.  If itís anything like last year, it will be wonderful. We ended 2018 on a high note with a truly lovely evening of dancing at our Grand Holiday Ball.  I couldnít wipe the grin off my face as I gazed upon the dance floor filled with my dancing friends all gussied up (what a pretty sight) and having a great time.  Throw in the beautiful decorations, (thanks so much Barb), and the superb goodies (many thanks to those who brought one) it was quite a night.  Iíd like to thank Lenore who spent most of her dancing time taking portraits of the dancers.  Iím sure they will be a great souvenir for those who had one taken.   Looking forward to 2019, get ready to take the ďchill offĒ (if it ever cools down again) at our Hot Latin Nights Dance on January 19th.  There will be plenty of Cha Chas, Rumbas and other Latin tunes to get you all warmed up.  Then itís time again for the gentlemen to dance with their favorite lady dressed in red at our annual Lady in Red Dessert Dance on February 16th.  Thereís more fun to come as we continue dancing the first and third Saturday of the month, with one dance a month in July, August and September.

Now for something different Ė elections are over and you have a new Board of Directors. Iím honored to say you have to put up with me being your President again though.  I wish to extend my thanks to the following members for their past service and for volunteering to serve your Chapter once again: Lenore Millison, Vice President, Paul Piotte, Treasurer, JoAnn Messina, Secretary, as well as, Directors at Large; Clayton Hart,  Marina DeBeer and, Bernadette Sia.  Join me in welcoming Susan Hagan and Mary Bodenheim to the Board as Directors at Large.  Iím looking forward to working with them and hearing any ideas they may have to help make 2019 a great year.  Speaking of ideas, your Board will have its first quarterly meeting on January 22nd.  If you have any ideas/suggestions youíd like us to discuss drop us a line at spiritofcitrus@gmail.com.  This includes any ideas for dance themes, as we will also be finalizing the 2019 schedule.  All suggestions will be taken into consideration.
Because of all of you, 2018 was a super year.  Iím looking forward to sharing the dance floor with you in 2019 and making it an even better year.  In the meantime, remember Dancing Lifts the Spirit ~Debbie Piotte
Susan Mary