Dancing Lifts the Spirits
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President's Corner

Last time we were right in the middle of a typical Florida summer. I?m happy to say with this issue
that fall is just around the corner. Don?t know about you, but, I?m so looking forward to a change in
the weather.  It may have been hot outside, but everything was “cool man” at our Sounds of the „60?s dance. We had
Hippies, a Flower Child and other neat outfits making it even more fun for me watching everyone getting their
“groove on.” I do so appreciate the efforts of those who play along with our crazy ideas.

Fall also brings our annual National Ballroom Dance Week Dance on September 15th. This dance is dedicated
to spreading the word of the benefits of ballroom dancing to our community. Try to bring someone who?s never
been before. In an attempt to help you persuade the fence sitters – admission will be just $5.00 for
everyone. Unfortunately, Paul and I won?t be able to join you this evening – we?ll be in Jamaica enjoying a
“finally got it put together” vacation with our daughters and their husbands.

Then, on October 20th, you'll have a chance to “play along” again at our Pirate/Ghoul Invasion costume ball. I can hardly wait to see what you
guys come up with for this one.

Your “Team Spirit” group has been working really hard on their routine for the Citrus County Blessings
Fundraiser on October 27th at Rock Crusher Canyon. Come show your support for their efforts and this worthy
cause – more information and tickets available at www.citruscountyblessings.org. Can?t make it, but would like
to help, we'll be collecting donations of peanut butter and jelly at the October dances.
If we haven't seen you for awhile - you've been missed - and now's a great time to come back. Have a fun
Labor Day, and remember
Dancing Lifts the Spirit
~Debbie Piotte