Dancing Lifts the Spirits
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Spring is in the air and it looks like winter (if you can call it that) is behind us.  I've seen some Robins so they're on their way north.  Just like our snow bird dancing friends may be soon.  I wish you all a safe trip and look forward to your return.

Our Lady in Red dance certainly was a sight to behold - so many lovely and smiling ladies in red.  Not to mention some pretty snappy looking gentlemen in their red garb.  Thanks to all of you who treated our sweet tooth and to Barbara for the lovely decorations. 

Our next special event is our Pot 'O Gold dance on March 16th. In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we'll have the hall all decked out in green and gold. You're invited to join in the theme by wearing green and/or gold and any St. Patty's Day paraphernalia you care to don.  Dollar store has a lot of fun stuff. It's sure to be a fun evening, even if we can't serve green beer.  Then again, if you bring the beer, I'll bring the food coloring.  April 20th puts us back in the saddle again with our first Country Dance of the year. Wear your jeans and boots and look forward to a casual, toe-tapping evening.  This year's Kentucky Derby will run the same day as our May birthday dance, so I'm inviting the ladies to wear that special hat.  We'll look just lovely as we eat our birthday cake.  May 18th is a very special evening for us as we will be celebrating our 19th year as a USA Dance, Inc. Chapter.  The theme is Black & White and we'll have special goodies too.  So much fun lies ahead for us I can hardly contain myself. 

In closing, I'd like to mention a few things to make sure our dances are fun and safe for everyone.  If you're sitting in the chairs bordering the floor, please push them in when you get up to dance.  They can pose quite a tripping hazard. If you're a beginner or non-traveling dancer, stay in the center of the floor so those that do travel can go around you on the outside.  Lastly, try to go light on perfume or colognes.  Some of our dancers are quite sensitive/allergic to them.  

May this nice weather put a spring in your step (no pun intended - well maybe) and right onto the dance floor.  I'm looking forward to joining you there.  In the meantime, remember

Dancing Lifts the Spirit
~Debbie Piotte